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Rance Aluminum Trailers

We our proud to offer the full line of Rance Aluminum trailers. This includes open and enclosed Car, Motorcycle, ATV and Snowmobile trailers ranging in size from 20’ to 38’+ Tag, Stacker and gooseneck models built to your custom specifications.

Rance was founded in 1988, Rance Aluminum Fabrication, Inc. has been one of the leading innovators of the All-Aluminum trailer industry. In the beginning Rod Rance wanted to develop a product that surpassed anything available in the industry.  At that time, the kinds of components necessary for such an undertaking were not available, and many had to be engineered and designed to suit our specific needs.  Thus was born the "Renegade", the first enclosed trailer of its kind.  We are confident you will notice the difference in comparison.  From the strong, aluminum chassis and walls to the innovative v-nose/slope nose design for aerodynamics and smoother handling, down to the stainless steel hardware and fasteners, no details have been overlooked. In fact, we often find ourselves spotting the competitions' trailers with items we ourselves designed.  They say imitation is a form of flattery, and we could not agree more.